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About TOP Procedure

Here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa we are able to transform your overall appearance with top surgery. Many transgender patients come to us with a wish to alter their chest area. If you are currently a transgender man or woman, we offer both FTM and MTF top surgery. If your overall goal is to masculinize or feminize your chest area, this chest reconstruction surgery can leave you to feel truly content and happy with your body.

Our board-certified surgeon is able to offer FTM top surgery which is usually for transgender men wishing to create a masculine look. This surgery can provide the freedom many patients are looking for. This surgery consists of a subcutaneous mastectomy, which is when the surgeon removes breast tissue and contours the chest. Dependent on the size and amount of breast tissue that needs removing, there are three very similar methods that our surgeon may use. These are:

Keyhole and Peri-Areolar methods: this is the best method for patients with small to medium chests. The keyhole method means small incisions are made and breast tissue is removed through these. Alternatively the peri-areolar method includes a ring shape incision around the areola and a larger circular incision around this. The tissue is removed through this before being closed.
Double incision with Nipple Grafts: this procedure is best for those with large and medium sized chests. This surgery requires double horizontal incisions underneath the pectoral muscles. A nipple-areola complex is grafted on once the natural nipple has been removed and altered to the perfect size.
Inverted-T Top Surgery: This method does not involve a nipple graft, here the nipple-areola complex is not removed but still resized, thus providing a better nipple sensation.

What To Expect

During your consultation our surgeon will examine your chest and discuss the correct procedure for your chest reconstruction surgery. This individualized consultation will make sure the correct result is achieved. This procedure will be done under general anesthesia and typically lasts 2-4 hours. It is usually done as an outpatient surgery but sometimes a patient may require an overnight stay. You will need someone to stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery.

Other Considerations

Some patients may have a drain for a few days or possibly a few weeks, dependent on the extent of the procedure and how much fluid is collected. Typically the patient can return to work after 2 weeks, dependent on the type of job. Only light activity is advised after top surgery, you will be able to exercise after 6-8 weeks.

Change Your Chest

Top surgery ultimately provides transgender patients with the chest that they’ve been looking for. This surgery will improve your quality of life and improve your happiness with your body, so you can achieve the freedom you’ve been after. If you’ve been considering top surgery, we suggest you contact us here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa to schedule your consultation, so we can help transform your life.

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